Ewan Easdale

Ewan Easdale – a Life in Full

Ewan Easdale, a Keil boy through and through, has died aged 32 in Chamonix, France whilst on a skiing trip. A ‘Cocky Cavalier’, Ewan joined Keil in 1984 in the dark days of another threatened closure of the school. Much to his parents’ credit, they sent him there with their elder son, Bill. Eleanor and Morton must have had faith in Keil to guide their gifted lad into the adult world. I don’t think they could have done much better; he fitted in perfectly and became one of the most popular and well-liked boys in the school.

His fantastic sporting attributes of hand, ball and eye coordination made him an automatic choice for any team be it cricket, golf, tennis, rugby, badminton, football, etc. A place in the 1st XV when he was in 4th year was a good achievement in itself but to gain his colours in that year was tremendous. That year’s XV only just lost to St Bee’s school (who had many English Schools’ caps in the team). Year after year Ewan took on the best at Stand-off and later Full-Back. When Keil were invited to play Fettes on their Founders’ Day (cynically picked so Fettes could guarantee a home win) Keil gave them a run for their money. When seeing Ewan running down the touchline to beat his fifth Fettes player a few of the FPs testified “that fat boy can run!” Ewan dined out on this story regularly – laughing with pride at the comment.

He was a true all-rounder he was invaluable to Keil and his friends. However, sports were only a small part of Ewan’s life as anyone who knew him could testify. He came first in the school’s general knowledge quiz. He was consistently in the top 5 of the year for academic marks and he studied Applied Economics with a post graduate degree in Information Technology at Abertay University in Dundee. In his student years, Ewan’s knee, which had always been a weak spot, had become too bad to continue to play rugby. This did not stop his colourful opinions on the performance of the Scotland team. Ewan and pal John Potts even featured on the TV intro to Grandstand, dancing on the touchline in their kilts when Scotland scored a try at Twickenham.

Ewan headed to London to start work with Morgan Stanley, the investment bank. He stayed with a few of his closest pals, John Potts, Robin Adam and Gavin Orr; living in the infamous Clapham flat, which many a Keil OB knew. Working and playing hard came naturally to Ewan and they had a ball. He worked steadily and surely, advancing through the ranks in Morgan Stanley to gain the position of Vice-President. However, he became distracted from his work when he met his wonderful wife Clare, who also happened to be his boss! They married in Scotland in Ewan’s inimitable grand style. Inverlochy Castle Hotel was the setting for one of the proudest moments of his life. Clare and Ewan moved to Essex and had just bought a new house there before he died.

In the summer between leaving Dundee and working in London for Morgan Stanley, myself, Nick Lambie and Ewan headed off to Australia and the holiday of a lifetime. We did everything! White water rafting, water skiing and, of course, the bungy jump. An experience we will never have again: Life affirming. Ewan’s perspective on life was to aim for the best of everything and he saw no reason why he might be prevented from achieving this. He died on holiday with his friends, enjoying a life which, although short, was lived in full. He leaves his wife Clare, his parents and his brother Bill.

Ewan John Easdale (Keil, 1984-90) b 1972, d 5 Feb 2005

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