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History Of Keil – 2nd Edition


The second edition of “Keil School A History” is now available on Amazon for £19.99 per copy plus postage & packing.   Please click on this email link to order a History of Keil (still £19.99 per copy plus P&P).

The new edition extends the history from publication of the first edition to the closure of the school in the year 2000. It retains the content of the first edition and a final chapter has been added by Tommy Cotter, an Old Boy of the school which he attended from 1956 to 1960.

In addition to filling the historical gap, this chapter contains an analysis of why the school closed and the subsequent loss to Scottish education. It addresses the current role of the Mackinnon – MacNeill Trust. Andrew Mackinnon, the current Trust chairman, provides a foreword to the second edition.

The dust cover has been redesigned, there is some new photographic material, an index has been added and tabular data brought up to date. The second edition provides a significant enhancement and compliments the literary elegance of the first edition.

Copies of the book will be available at the book launch at the Old Boys Dinner on 25th November at Hillhead Rugby Club.


Keil School front



Keil School back


AGM & Dinner 2016

Old Boys Annual Dinner and AGM will be held on Friday the 25th November at Hillhead Sports Club, Hughenden.  It would be lovely to see as many of you as possible.  Please order you tickets with the eventrbrite link below.

Sinclair Cup – 2015

Report by Dougal M White
KOSB were again represented at the above annual event held on the 1st September 2015 at the Lake of Menteith.
The KSOB team was made up of:
Lawrie Renfrew, Colin Clerk, Donald Wilson, Julian Rey and Dougal White
A maximum of two boats (and 6 anglers if you wish) are allowed so Julian and Colin took one and Lawrie, Donald and I the other.
The Lake of Mentieth was calm on arrival in a sunny day. However conditions did improve with some breeze giving reasonable cover on the water. It did not cloud over till after 1 pm and the sunn reappeared for short spells.
Generally it was not a highly productive day for any team but a few folk were “luckier” than others!
Heriots FP knocked Glasgow HS FP off the top spot this year to third place behind Kelvinside Academicals. Keil followed that before Glasgow Academicals trailed with only two participants this time. Hillhead did not field a team.
So compared with last year we neither dropped a place nor progressed but we did get more fish.
Name No. Fish Weight
Julian Rey 5 16 lb 4 oz
Lawrie Renfrew 1 3 lb 10 oz
Colin Clerk 1 3 lb 8 oz
Donald Wilson 1 2 lb 6 oz
Dougal White 1 3 lb 6 oz
TOTAL 9 29 lb 2 oz
As you may see, the fish were all a reasonable size/weight.
Julian Rey retained the Keil Angling Quaich for its second year. It having been donated last year by Lawrie.
The team then went to the Lion and Unicorn Hotel in Thornhill with all other participants for a splendid dinner and the presentation of the Sinclair Cup for the winning team, an individual trophy, High School v Glasgow Accies Cup and the Keil Quaich.
As an aside, it could be beneficial for us to have an outing as a club ealier in the season and that from it we might select the most successful four anglers to compete on our behalf.
It would be interesting to see what others thinks of this.

AGM & Dinner 2015

The Annual dinner this year is being held at

Hillhead Sports Club
32 Hughenden Road
G12 9XP Glasgow
United Kingdom

on Saturday, 28 November 2015 from 19:00 to 23:00 (GMT)

Speaker for the 2015 Annual Dinner is the hugely entertaining Old Boy Joe Thomson 60-66. Many may remember Joe as the Speaker at the School’s closing Speech day in 2000 so we thought it fitting that he return in this our Centenary Year. Joe has had a notable career in the legal and educational professions, notably Professor of Law at Strathclyde then onto the University of Glasgow in 1991 where he was appointed Regius Chair. Joe has several publications to his name and is the current editor of the Juridical Review.

Please make cheques or payments for the reasonable sum of £30.00 per head payable to ‘Keil School Old Boys Club’ and return to:

– Lesley Currie, 16, Sunningdale Place, Helensburgh, G84 7JB

or purchase online with this link KSOB Annual Dinner tickets


Sandy McAllister – Architect Services

Sandy McAllister has been in touch to pass on the details of his Architects firm in Dundee

One of the manny Arran boys, Sandy attended Keil from 1968 until 1974 following in the footsteps of his late father AMD McAllister and uncles Ronald, David and Duncan from Lochranza. Uncle Alan Bannatyne from Blackwaterfoot also attended.

If you would like your company added to the , just drop us a line.

AGM & Annual Dinner 2013 – Book Now

A reminder to all our Old Boys.  The Annual Dinner and AGM will be held on Saturday the 30th November in the Kibble Suite at the Hilton Grosvenor Hotel in Glasgow.


 Our speaker for the evening is Sandy Strang a raconteur and impressionist – currently in demand throughout Britain as an immensely entertaining and experienced after-dinner speaker. He is a journalist, who has penned long running columns in ‘The Herald’, ‘The Edinburgh Evening News’, ‘Scotland on Sunday’ and ‘The Sun’.
A one time top amateur footballer, Sandy wore the No.9 jersey for Cambridge University and actually had the honor of playing in a Varsity Cup Final against Oxford at the old Wembley Stadium. Sandy was also a talented cricketer who played in a record number of nine Scottish Cup Finals.
Sandy Strang has covered the whole range of speaking engagements from high profile corporate events and charity fund raisers through to golf days and sportsman’s dinners.
Wag of the Year 2007: Sandy won the prestigious Wag of the Year 2007 Competition held in Glasgow at the Marriot Hotel in May 2007.


Saturday 30th November 2013 @ 8pm, preceded by the AGM @ 7pm at

The Kibble Suite, Hilton Grosvenor Hotel

Grosvenor Terrace, Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 0TA.


Tickets £25.00 per person


Please make cheques payable to ‘Keil School Old Boys Club’ and return to:-

Fergus Allen 160, Great Western Road Glasgow G4 9AE.


Remember to include your name, address and any special dietary requirments.


We look forward to seeing you all on the evening !

Jubilee 2013 – The 25 Year Reunion @ Ballinakill House

Not everyone who was asked actually wanted to come. Not everyone who said they’d like to come could actually make it in the end; but those who did come made it a more than worthwhile venture.


John Cameron planned it into a family expedition from Mexico, bringing his wife and 2 young children all the way – presumably to help them appreciate the weather they normally take for granted. Dave Cunningham drove his wife and young daughter up from the South of England. John Hanneken flew over from Geneva with his daughter for just one night. He wanted to be sure to catch up with Ewan Reid, who was flying out to Guatamela on the Sunday, but who still made it. Dave Anderson brought his 16 year old son, Hamish, which was a bit confusing for many of us, as the last time we’d seen Dave, he wasn’t much older – and so we found ourselves continually addressing Hamish for Dave stories.
Gavin Bruce and Ken Thompson from the year above decided they could sense a party, so they brought bits of their families (and most of their golf clubs) down. Finlay brought his pregnant wife, Fiona, and their young daughter Maisie. Finlay’s dad thought it all sounded a bit fun, so he chartered a yacht from Inverkip and recruited his old boy’s rugby teammate Richard Chilcott as weekend crew for a sail around the penisula with a wee stop over in Clachan – where they found the hospitality as warm as the chicken fajitas and the red wine at high tide. My own family seemed keen enough, so Lynn, Ross & Lorna joined the fun at Balinakill house and we all had a ball.

It’s a beautiful old house, where Keil School found itself during the 2nd world war, whilst the Norwegian Navy were installed in Helenslee. Ally McCoists’s grandfather served the McNeil family as a gamekeeper in those days, and that is why we share common alma-mater with the father of one of Scotland’s greatest ever strikers.

The house is now available for a self-catering hire and with 12 stunning en-suite rooms on offer, we certainly picked a great, albeit difficult to get to venue for our 25 year Jubilee celebration. With Tarbert Golf club just an 8-iron down the road, the boys were able to spend Saturday afternoon working off Friday night’s well lubricated reunion, whilst the familes explored the surrounding countryside – with a very fine investment in the beautiful produce available at the farm shop for a Saturday night BBQ to be remembered.

On Sunday most of the boys had to start heading their seperate ways back home and on with their current journeys. Over the years we’ve not always kept in touch, and perhaps we’ll drift apart again, but it was a wonderful gesture by those who did come to make such a big effort to remember and celebrate our shared years at Keil. In these days of social networking, it’s definitely easier to keep a hold of someones contact details – but it’s still a much more worthwhile effort to actually get together for some socialising in the flesh.
Perhaps Balinakill won’t suit everyone. It’s difficult to get to and perhaps expensive for people won’t manage to be away for the minimum amount of time the house needs to be let for, but we certainly all enjoyed it and with Richard reminding us all that the school will be 100 years old soon, perhaps we need to find some bigger way of celebrating that common bond between those of us who learned to Persevere in Hope.

Here’s a bottle and an honest friend

Here's, a bottle and an honest friend!
What wad ye wish for mair, man?
Wha kens, before his life may end,
What his share may be of care, man.

Then catch the moments as they fly,
And use them as ye ought, man:
Believe me, happiness is shy,
And comes not ay when sought, man.