Sinclair Cup – 2015

Report by Dougal M White
KOSB were again represented at the above annual event held on the 1st September 2015 at the Lake of Menteith.
The KSOB team was made up of:
Lawrie Renfrew, Colin Clerk, Donald Wilson, Julian Rey and Dougal White
A maximum of two boats (and 6 anglers if you wish) are allowed so Julian and Colin took one and Lawrie, Donald and I the other.
The Lake of Mentieth was calm on arrival in a sunny day. However conditions did improve with some breeze giving reasonable cover on the water. It did not cloud over till after 1 pm and the sunn reappeared for short spells.
Generally it was not a highly productive day for any team but a few folk were “luckier” than others!
Heriots FP knocked Glasgow HS FP off the top spot this year to third place behind Kelvinside Academicals. Keil followed that before Glasgow Academicals trailed with only two participants this time. Hillhead did not field a team.
So compared with last year we neither dropped a place nor progressed but we did get more fish.
Name No. Fish Weight
Julian Rey 5 16 lb 4 oz
Lawrie Renfrew 1 3 lb 10 oz
Colin Clerk 1 3 lb 8 oz
Donald Wilson 1 2 lb 6 oz
Dougal White 1 3 lb 6 oz
TOTAL 9 29 lb 2 oz
As you may see, the fish were all a reasonable size/weight.
Julian Rey retained the Keil Angling Quaich for its second year. It having been donated last year by Lawrie.
The team then went to the Lion and Unicorn Hotel in Thornhill with all other participants for a splendid dinner and the presentation of the Sinclair Cup for the winning team, an individual trophy, High School v Glasgow Accies Cup and the Keil Quaich.
As an aside, it could be beneficial for us to have an outing as a club ealier in the season and that from it we might select the most successful four anglers to compete on our behalf.
It would be interesting to see what others thinks of this.

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