History Of Keil – 2nd Edition


The second edition of “Keil School A History” is now available on Amazon for £19.99 per copy plus postage & packing.   Please click on this email link to order a History of Keil (still £19.99 per copy plus P&P).

The new edition extends the history from publication of the first edition to the closure of the school in the year 2000. It retains the content of the first edition and a final chapter has been added by Tommy Cotter, an Old Boy of the school which he attended from 1956 to 1960.

In addition to filling the historical gap, this chapter contains an analysis of why the school closed and the subsequent loss to Scottish education. It addresses the current role of the Mackinnon – MacNeill Trust. Andrew Mackinnon, the current Trust chairman, provides a foreword to the second edition.

The dust cover has been redesigned, there is some new photographic material, an index has been added and tabular data brought up to date. The second edition provides a significant enhancement and compliments the literary elegance of the first edition.

Copies of the book will be available at the book launch at the Old Boys Dinner on 25th November at Hillhead Rugby Club.


Keil School front



Keil School back


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