Something from the in-tray (letters)

From time to time we receive correspondence from KSOBs who are keen to make contact with other old boys of their era. Often Old Boys are found via social networking site such as Facebook, Linkedin or Bebo but its true that some prefer not to use these sites and as a service to our old boys we are always happy to post correspondence on the blog (with your permission) such as the following letter from Lindsay Bremner.

Hello Webchief

Just been reading your web page about the school, functions etc. It made me a little nostalgic and nudged me into writing this e-mail.

I was at Keil from 1956 to 1962. My first Chief was Iain Wotherspoon (Campbeltown), who is now unfortunately no longer with us. My first Deputy was Bill Crozier and the first time I was ‘peeched’, for walking to the dining room with my thumbs in my trouser pockets (probably after a couple of warnings), was by ‘Gad’ Wotherspoon.

My mates at Keil were:- Alan McArthur from Lamlash (I think), Gordon Stark from Millport and Brian Smith from Lochgilphead.

I also spent one summer at Julian Rey’s home revising for exam resits at Glasgow University.

Unfortunately I have lost touch with all of them though I noticed Julian’s name mentioned in a report and saw photos after a fishing outing in June last year.

I don’t know if you have a database of Old Boys from 1950 to say 1965? If you have I would be interested to find out more about some of them.

Looking at the photo of the school Chiefs, I think both Archibald (Ian) Buntain & Douglas Cotter, who both became Senior Chiefs were in my class at one time or another.

I still have a fat lip I got from Robbie Kerr (Finlay Kerr Snr’s brother) after going to a rugby international at Twickenham!

Lindsay Bremner
(KSOB 1956-62)

P.S. Please tell Julian Rey I was ‘asking after him’.

Sadly we don’t have a full database of all our KSOBs and those details we do have are not always up to date. We encourage all Old Boys to register for this website which helps us to keep you up to date with club activities. User of the site can of course comment below but we recommend you don’t post personal details such as email address (to avoid spam), if you would like to contact Lindsay you can email the club at

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  1. Hilary

    I wasn’t at this school but a very good friend of mine from Aberdeen University attended – John Anderson – who is pictured in the Rugby 11 of 1974. I don’t know if you were aware John died while working for the British Antarctic Survey in Antarctica on 16 May 1981. If you Google his name you will find a small obituary about him, and this year a memorial was sited in St Paul’s crypt and Cambridge remembering him and others who died while in the service of BAS in Antarctica.

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