Angling – The Sinclair Trophy

Keil School Old Boys win ‘The Sinclair Trophy’

Alistair Mackellar, Colin Clark, Lawrie Renfrew, Julian Rey, Dougall White and Donald Wilson representing Keil School Old Boys Angling Club have landed a whopper ‘The Sinclair Trophy’

The result could not be better for Keil School Old Boy’s Angling Club at the Lake of Menteith on Tuesday 7th September. A total of 11 fish were caught by the Old Boys on the day.

The results were

1.            Keil School Old Boys:  11 Fish

2.            Heriot’s FP:  10 Fish

3.            Kelvinside Academicals:  9 Fish

4.            Glasgow High School FP:  8 Fish

5.            Glasgow Academicals:  3 Fish

Eleven fish were caught and proved to be the heaviest basket for a club, Glasgow High School FP won the Glasgow Academicals v Glasgow High School challenge cup and Ronnie Orr of the High School team won the individual Plaque.

Keil School Old Boys Angling Club last won the trophy in 2003.

The Inter-Schools competition is held on the first Tuesday of September each year and is based on an initial challenge between two former pupils Glasgow angling clubs viz: Glasgow Academicals and The High School of Glasgow for which a two club trophy is still competed for on that day too.

At some point an invitation was kindly extended to other known former pupil angling clubs to join in an inter-club competition. These now include Glasgow Academicals, Glasgow High School FP, Hillhead FP, Keil School Old Boys, Heriot’s FP and Kelvinside Academicals. Each club is allowed to field a maximum of two boats of three anglers. The competition is held at the Lake of Menteith and after the 9.30 am to 5.30 pm session, all baskets are weighed in. Thereafter we repair to the Lion and the Unicorn at Thornhill for a meal and the award ceremony.

In 1974, a very attractive Cup was presented by John Sinclair of Kelvinside Academicals Angling Club as the trophy for this very convivial event. A photo of the cup is attached.

At some later date a presentation plaque was also given for retention for one year, by the individual, who, on the day, was the fisher with the heaviest basket. Alastair MacKellar has won this on previous competitions.

Until two years ago, the late Iain Wotherspoon (Campbeltown) represented The High School of Glasgow, which he attended during his 6th Year, and was formerly the organising Secretary of this event.

Keil School Old Boys Angling Club will be looking for other ‘Old Boy to join them at the summer outing in June. Alastair MacKellar would welcome knowing a number of potential team members who can keep the first Tuesday in September free each year so that a pool of anglers can be called upon in the event of some having other commitments as this is a super social event.

A great day was had an unexpected victory for the Old Boys. Trophy to be defended on the first Tuesday of September 2011 when I am sure the opposition will have all their big guns out. Any further info can be obtained from Dougall.

The Old Boys Club organise at least one fishing trip each year.  If you are interested in joining us on the fishing trip then please email the committee on

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